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who we are

Pegasus Bullion specializes in the trading and retailing of physical gold. Over the years, our traders have built up a sizeable position in physical gold bullion. Our goal is to give private buyers easy and convenient access to the professional gold bullion markets. We aim to give individuals a simple, safe and cost-effective way of buying, storing, and selling gold.

Our information technology team is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Pegasus Bullion has all the bases covered when it comes to your investment needs.


Gold Prices


Choose Your Purchase Quantity

Choose your desired gold purchase amount from as little as 20 grams to other denominations including 50 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram bars. Pegasus Bullion only sells physical gold bullion and as we believe this is the safest kind of gold for Clients to buy.

With a wide range of entry points, you can get direct access to investment grade physical gold at affordable prices. With our competitive offerings, there’s always a suitable product for your needs. Find out more from our representatives today!

Investment Grade GOLD

Pegasus Bullion gold is 99.99% investment grade and of 'good delivery' status. We carry credible and trustworthy hallmarks that are recognized professionally and internationally. A Good Delivery bar is the international benchmark in the key gold markets.

These world renowned brands of bullion guarantee that you get the highest grade and most credible gold bars in the market today. It means you get strong liquidity and higher prices when you wish to sell when compared with lesser known hallmarks.

Whether you are buying to protect your wealth, to add to your investment portfolio or even as a gift, choose Pegasus Bullion as your preferred gold partner!

Assigned Physical Gold

Clients who purchase gold in the Precious Metal Bank program are automatically assigned physical gold. For the period the gold is maintained in their accounts, Clients will enjoy a profit sharing from our physical business. Allocated gold implies that the gold is the property of our clients and Pegasus Bullion assigns direct ownership over specific gold bars

Redeem in Physical or Cash

Pegasus Bullion offers our clients unprecedented flexibility with how they wish to redeem their purchased gold. Choose to collect gold in physical form for a nominal handling fee and collect it through our company representatives or at selected locations.

For clients who wish to receive cash, you may also sell your purchased gold back to us at prevailing market rates at the time. These rates are published daily in all Client Accounts and you may redeem at any time - 24hours a day, 7 days a week!

Online User Security

Pegasus Bullion offers all clients an online portal to bring you closer to your purchases. We take the integrity of our systems seriously and have invested much into ensuring that your Client Account is secured from unwanted intruders. Our client login areas feature Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certification from VeriSign. All Clients also go through an initial identity verification process before purchasing any products. This helps us validate your identity and confirm you as the rightful owner of any purchased gold. It also ensures that only you, the registered client, are allowed to make key changes or execute important transactions in your account.

To strengthen online security, Pegasus Bullion also employs a Second Factor Authentication (2FA) system for clients world-wide. This allows Clients to have better control over their accounts and minimize the potential for unauthorized transactions. A one-time 2FA password must be entered for important transactions and Clients will receive SMS notifications when such activities occur on their account.

Personalized Online Account

Every registered client is given access to a personalized account where they may purchase or redeem gold from the Precious Metal Bank (PMB) program. Clients may also their track gold purchases, monitor the status of executed transactions, as well as receive the latest news and announcements. The system also allows clients may update their personal particulars and send queries to our customer service team.

Our system is also mobile friendly. Monitor your balance and profit payment at your convenience through our web portal anywhere around the world on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Pegasus Bullion’s online portals also support other languages such as Mandarin (Traditional and Simplified), Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

Bring your gold home

Clients may choose to redeem their purchased gold in physical bars at any time during the PMB program. After a physical redemption request is processed, the gold is released from their allocated holdings and returned to you.

Take it home, show it off, and enjoy the unmatched feeling of holding real gold in your hands!

Access to Pegasus Club Lounges

Pegasus Bullion clients receive exclusive access to our facilities where they may utilize our lounge and meeting rooms at their convenience. Located in prime locations in major cities, they are equipped for the comfort of Clients and their guests.

Enjoy complimentary refreshments and even book our meeting rooms for your private use. This privilege is open to registered Pegasus Bullion clients who have existing gold purchases.

Diamond Club Membership

Clients who purchase 500 grams and above of gold products are automatically enrolled into our premier Pegasus Bullion Diamond Club.

The Diamond Club is an exclusive membership service which offers special privileges to our top tier clients. This includes priority for company promotions, invitations to special events, and other exclusive offers. Members also stand to receive a range of privileges from time to time as recognition of their status in our program.

Enjoy privileges such as complimentary Formula One (F1) tickets, shopping vouchers, event sponsorships and other special promotional offers open only to a select few. Be a part of the Pegasus Bullion Diamond Club today!